Dog Care
Overnight Boarding:  Dogs get the chance to socialize and interact with others, starting with a good romp in the morning and play time throughout the day in indoor and outdoor runs.
If the dogs get along and can be kenneled together
      1st dog:   $18/night
      2nd dog:  $12/night
      3rd dog:   $10/night
Extra training and activities:  
      $5/day per dog
Intensive Board and Train:  If there is a training issue or project you don't feel able to work through, we can help.
2 week minimum: 
Full month
Day Care:  If you are going to be busy for the day, bring the dog to us so they have the opportunity to play with others throughout the day.  This way, when you get home, the dogs are tired and happy.
$15 /day
Extra training is $5
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