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Introduction to Agility:  For those wanting to get their feet wet, this class will introduce the dog and handler to each obstacle and the basics of agility.    Prerequisite: Dogs must take a basic obedience class or demonstrate equivalent skills.
$20 per week
Classes are Monday nights.  Contact Shauna at redskybcs@yahoo.com for information
Privates and Semi-privates:  Available upon request
$50 per hour
Teeter/Weave Series:  This class teaches dogs the correct execution of the teeter and weave poles.
$100 per 6 week class session
Contact Kristin for details
Group Classes:  Group classes are available for all levels.  Contact Kristin for details and class placement.
$100 per 6 week class session
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Shauna Gourley
Kristin Sittner
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Arena rental:  Contact Kristin to reserve a time.
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$20 per hour