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Shauna Gourley
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We are located just west of Smith and Edwards at:
                     3928 N 3175 W
          Plain City, UT 84404
Our herding facilities have pens of varying sizes, ranging from small instinct testing pens to large arenas and open fields.  This allows us to work with any breed, at any level.
Our outdoor agility arena is 125' x 150', allowing plenty of space to set up large courses fit for even the most advanced dogs.
We also have an indoor agility arena which is 60' x 100', with an artificial turf surface complete with lighting and a heated room just off the arena.
Both arenas are available for rental, with appointment. 
Our boarding facilities are primarily based out of the barn.  Dogs can play in oversized horse stalls which have been retrofitted for dogs.  These large stalls allow dogs to stay with others when they get along, creating an ideal experience for the dogs with ample social and physical interaction.
Each morning and evening, all the dogs are allowed running time with the group in our large arena.  The dogs really get to running and playing during their field time, which usually means they want to sleep much of the day.
After the morning field time, dogs are separated into play groups in our outdoor runs.  These runs are shaded all day, allowing dogs to rest or play as they so desire.
The Facility
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